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Where can I find the OCam/OCam+ App?
If you use iPhone/iPad, go to the Apple App Store and search "OCam" or "OCam+"; If you use Android devices, go the the Google Play Market and search "OCam" or "OCam+".
Which App I should download?
If For model OCam-M1, OCam-M2, OCam-M3, OCam-Zoo, please download the App “OCam”
Camera setting video tutorial: 

If For model OCam-Apple and OCam-S, please download the App “OCam” 
Camera setting video tutorial: 

Why I enter the correct internet password but the App show my internet password is wrong.
Please make sure there is no "&  |  +  \  <  >  (  )" in your home internet password.
Why sometimes it takes long time setup the connection?
When you device is too far from the OCam, orthe internet signal is unstable or too many people using it at the same time, the connecting time might take longer.
Connection failed or the OCam LED is not steady blue after setting.
First delete your camera on your camera list in the App, and RESET the OCam (RESET button is at the back side of OCam, press 8 seconds to reset it.). After it, follow the setup process again.
Why I entered the wrong password but the LED indicator turns to blue
Please reset the camera and following our setup process again.
I forgot my camera password
Please reset the camera and following our setup process again.
How to let other users join my OCam?
Other users can input your camera ID (UID) and password in "Add camera" page and view OCam camera with you.
Other user try to add my OCam but It says the camera password is wrong.
Make sure other user enter the correct password of the OCam, the default camera password is “admin”, please make sure you enter the correct camera password. 
Setup the OCam successfully, but the wifi connection is unstable.
Delete the camera from the camera list and add it back by Connect Other Camera.
Why the OCam video live view is not going smoothly sometimes?
OCam video live view is not going smoothly when there are too many people use the internet at the same time or someone download the video or music from internet, it effects the internet bandwidth. Our recommand Bandwidth is >50Kbps.
Why I can’t play back the video files on OCam memory card?
Because the video is H.264 AVI format, please make sure your device have the media player supporting AVI decoding.
Why I insert the memory card on OCam but I can’t record or save the video.
Please format the memory card before using, if it still doesn’t working, the memory card might broken. We suggest change a new memory card.
Why I can’t add the nearby OCam which has been setup.
You can add the OCam in the same WiFi network as your device, or add by Remote Camera (UID numbers and camera password of that OCam are required)
Why I turn on the motion detection but I didn’t receive the notification.
You only get the notification on phone/tablet when both turn on the motion detection fuction and OCam App notification.
Why I completed the Email setup but I still didn’t receive the email notification.
OCam support Gmail、Yahoo、Hotmail for SMTP setting, please make sure your firewall can accept it, otherwise, the email will be block.
If I Click for vertical flip, does the recording video be vertical flip too?
When you switch for vertical flip or horizontal flip the recording video will not be affected.


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